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CALL TO ACTION: We need your financial support now more than ever!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Earlier this year we were keen to get involved in the Freedom Flotilla 2 – Stay Human initiative. We did not have the capacity to organise a boat on our own so sought and found an international partner – the Canadian Boat to Gaza group. We contributed funds to a shared ownership of the boat (Tahrir) and our ongoing fund-raising is dedicated to that purpose.

The recent appeal by a wide range of Palestinian organisations in Gaza for boats to come to break the blockade has confirmed the continuing importance of the flotilla strategy. Now we are on board the Tahrir again for Freedom Waves to Gaza. We need to raise money to repay a loan that we secured which enabled us to continue our partnership in the Tahrir on this mission, as well as building a kitty to assist with publicity and logistics.

We need your financial support at this critical point and we hope that as supporters of this campaign you will be able to assist in funding this phase of the Flotilla.

Can you donate to the Free Gaza Australia and support the Australian delegation?

We here at Free Gaza Australia are all so proud of our Australian delegate Michael Coleman who is right now on board the Tahrir bound for Gaza! We made a commitment to Palestinians and civil society activists that we would uphold a promise to continue to challenge Israel’s blockade of Gaza. As such we’ve sent along Michael Coleman to take part in the current Freedom Waves to Gaza initiative. It’s an exciting mission, but a dangerous one. Already the Israeli military have said they are prepared to stop the boat Michael is on using any means necessary.

Please support Michael on board the Tahrir.

As a long-term committed Palestinian solidarity activist, for years Michael has been committed to justice and freedom for the people of Palestine. He has spent tireless hours working with local groups and non-profits in Sydney on solidarity advocacy. He has done voluntary work in Nablus in the West Bank of Palestine for Project Hope, teaching English and music production, and is working on establishing a non-profit incorporated association called ‘Music for the Dark Corners’ to support strategies to challenge the occupation and show solidarity with the Palestinian people. We reckon he’s a pretty solid advocate for our shared vision of a free Palestine!

If you agree, we’d be so grateful for your support at this time.

Earlier this year he took part in the Freedom Flotilla 2 – Stay Human with three other Australian delegates.

At crunch time, along with another peace activist Michael bravely paddled a kayak around the Greek board where the Tahrir was docked, in an effort to help the Tahrir leave port and head toward Gaza. The Tahrir didn’t quite make it but Michael’s resolve to challenge the illegal blockade of Gaza by Israel was only strengthened.

Your financial support will further strengthen this campaign.

The Freedom Waves to Gaza initiative has two boats headed toward Gaza, and Michael is proud to be on board for such an important peaceful civilian-to-civilian initiative to challenge Israel’s ongoing military seige of Gaza. The Freedom Waves flotilla has already attracted media coverage from all over the world, including from Democracy Now and Al Jazeera. We are helping shine a light on how Israel is dishing out collective punishment to 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza!

This is an important awareness raising initiative and you can help support our Australian delegate. Any financial contribution is so appreciated and is vital in helping put crucial pressure on Israel to free Gaza.

Your financial donation makes this exciting Palestinian solidarity campaign possible!

Bank: Commonwealth Bank
Acc Name: GFF Australia Group
BSB: 062102
Acc No: 10197185

Please do let us know if you are able to donate so that we can recognise your important contribution.

Thank you for your support,

Free Gaza Australia

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